Our ways to ensure maximum transparency

Our corporate conscience is clean because we maintain a consistent approach for a high quality product made using the finest raw materials.

We have nothing to hide, but we have a lot to show and savour.

Quality throughout the supply chain

We carefully select our suppliers so that we can ensure the exceptional quality of our products. In addition to our food quality and safety requirements, we carefully asses our suppliers, examining various objective characteristics such as professionalism, competitiveness, quality, fairness and reputation.

Our relationship with our suppliers is based on reciprocal loyalty, transparency and cooperation. We work together with our suppliers to offer our customers maximum value. Our dedication to quality is reflected in our ceaseless search for products that meet our customers’ needs and expectations.

Quality meets safety

We bring tasty and safe products to the table that combine the authenticity of the past with the innovation of today, resulting in a perfect blend of dairy tradition and advanced technology.

We guarantee the highest quality standards through the optimisation and monitoring of the production processes, traceability and compliance of our products, with over 60,000 quality and safety controls.

Transparent communication

We are careful to provide clear and transparent information on the label to communicate comprehensive nutritional information so that customers can make informed choices.

The packaging provides detailed information on traceability, the origin of raw materials, nutritional values and ingredients, especially as regards allergens.

Goodness in every deed

We have always been committed to building a sustainable development path with concrete and tangible actions

Our commitment to the environment

We promote practices and actions to reduce our environmental impact, investing in energy efficient solutions.

Our projects for the environment

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Responsibility towards the community

We are committed to safeguarding the communities we serve and the environment we work in.

Our support to enhance the local territory

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Empowerment of people

We protect the health and safety of our workers, promoting diversity and inclusion and offering training and career development paths.

Our choices for working in harmony

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