Goodness in every deed means, in our opinion, not just bringing delicious products – made the right way – to the table, but also contributing practically to the safety of our products, safeguarding the planet, people’s well-being and development of the local area in synergy with the sustainable development goals of the UN’s 2030 Agenda.

Quality and

We are dedicated to offering healthy, affordable food with carefully chosen recipes and clear product information.

Our ways to ensure maximum transparency

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Our commitment to the environment

We promote practices and actions to reduce our environmental impact, investing in energy efficient solutions.

Our projects for the environment

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Responsibility towards the community

We are committed to safeguarding the communities we serve and the environment we work in.

Our support to enhance the local territory

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Empowerment of people

We protect the health and safety of our workers, promoting diversity and inclusion and offering training and career development paths.

Our choices for working in harmony

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A pathway for sustainable development

We have developed a sustainability plan that, starting with these four pillars, consists of 12 commitment areas and is implemented through 54 projects.


Sustainability pillars


Commitment areas





Sustainability Report

Would you like to learn more about Nonno Nanni’s sustainability actions and the results we’ve achieved?
Download the 2022 Sustainability Report to learn what we are doing to leave future generations a better, more sustainable and more equitable world!


Quality and Environment Policy

LATTERIA MONTELLO S.p.A. has always pursued a stringent and vigilant Quality and Environment Policy by means of thorough controls and continuous improvement of production processes in order to ensure customers receive the very highest quality products.