The quality and freshness of Nonno Nanni cheeses combine with the authentic flavour of Italian tradition to naturally enhance your cooking. Let yourself be inspired by our recipes and prepare creative dishes, from appetisers to desserts.

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We only use fresh and seasonal products to give our recipes an authentic taste. Try our combinations of exceptional smoothness, typical of Nonno Nanni’s fresh cheeses, paired with the choicest ingredients.

Biscuit ice cream with Fresco Spalmabile

Cheesecake in a glass with Robiola and Darbo jam

Spelt tart with Nonno Nanni Fresco Spalmabile by Peri & the kitchen

Savoury plaited bread with Prosciutto Cotto topped with Nonno Nanni Stracchino

Crêpes with Darbo jam and Nonno Nanni Robiola

Toasted baguette with Darbo jam and Nonno Nanni Robiola

Easter Bunny Pancakes with Fresco Spalmabile and fresh fruit

Beetroot cupcakes with lactose-free Nonno Nanni Fresco Spalmabile

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