The first Nonno Nanni Stracchino with recyclable outer packaging is born

After several years of research and development, we have successfully improved the environmental sustainability of our packaging by developing the first recyclable outer wrapper for the Nonno Nanni Stracchino range!

The new recyclable outer wrapper (flow-pack)

Our outer wrapper (flow-pack) consisted of a layer of polyamide (better known as nylon) laminated with a layer of polyethylene, so two different plastics that cannot be separated in the treatment plant and therefore cannot be recycled.

We began by researching and testing different materials, then after more than two years, we successfully identified the best material.

It is a highly technological and innovative solution, involving elimination of the composite packaging and creation of a wrapper consisting of a single material, making it recyclable.
The material chosen is a polypropylene (PP) able to guarantee the barrier effect and thus preserve the organoleptic and keeping properties of the product intact.

Verification of recyclability

In order to guarantee the recyclability of the new material, we turned to an external body, Interzero®. After appropriate analysis, they confirmed the high recyclability of the plastic used in the outer wrapping.

The advantages of the new recyclable outer packaging

New recyclable outer packaging

The outer packaging is disposed of with plastic waste and will be recycled

The recycled packaging gets a second life, turned into new objects

Inner tray

The inner tray containing the Stracchino is also designed to reduce its environmental impact.


The inner layer made predominantly from recycled PET (rPET) is combined with two outer micro-layers of virgin PET.

The advantages of the new inner tray

New lower environmental impact inner tub

The tub is made out of mainly recycled PET (rPET), used for the inner layer, bonded with two outer microlayers of virgin PET

Using recycled PET reduces the amount of virgin plastic released into the environment and the CO₂ emissions required to produce it

A concrete reduction in environmental impact

The switch to the new packaging for the Stracchino range will achieve the following improvements in environmental impact compared to the previous packaging, expressed in annual average values:

CO₂ emissions
use of virgin plastic
amount of waste packaging
impact on the water footprint

The source of the data is the Life Cycle Assessment of 13 February 2023. 

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about the new eco-friendly pack

Best Packaging Award 2023

Award-winning packaging! We won the Best Packaging Award 2023 for the Environment category.


The Best Packaging Award competition is organised every year by the Italian Institute of Packaging. A jury of experts evaluates the entire new packaging development project and rewards the best project according to parameters related to its contribution in terms of innovation, usability and attention to environmental sustainability.


Sponsored by the Italian Institute of Packaging