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We have collected answers to our consumers’ most frequent questions

All our products are made from pasteurised milk only.
Yes, all Nonno Nanni products can be eaten during pregnancy since they are made from pasteurised milk.
Yes, all our cheeses are gluten-free and free of the risk of involuntary contamination, since no foods containing gluten are made at our factory.
Whey can separate from some fresh cheeses, so any liquid on top is a normal characteristic of the product, which does not indicate anything wrong with its flavour or quality.
Nonno Nanni cheeses are made using rennet of animal origin.
Yes, our cheeses are made using rennet of animal origin, except for Fresco Spalmabile Nonno Nanni (classic and lactose-free) and Mascarpone Nonno Nanni, for which no rennet is used.
Nonno Nanni cheeses contain lactose. To meet the needs of lactose-intolerant customers, we have created a lactose-free line. For further information about all our products, please visit our site, filtering the results for "lactose-free":
No, our products do not currently have these certifications.
Those with diabetes should only include stracchino cheese in their diet after consulting with their doctors.
Stracchino is a very nutritious food, but given its high level of saturated fatty acids, it should only be eaten after talking to your doctor.

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