09 Jan 2018

Nonno Nanni Potato Gnocchi and Chicche are getting a new look

For 2018 the company is having the pack restyled for its entire line of Gnocchi and Chicche.

Giavera del Montello (Treviso), 09 January 2018: 2018 is bringing a wind of change at Nonno Nanni: Nonno Nanni Potato Gnocchi and Chicche packaging is getting a brand new look this new year.


Nonno Nanni Gnocchi have that homemade taste and were created for people who love the traditional flavours of the good old days, because they remember proper old-fashioned gnocchi. One of the secrets of that delicious flavour is cold preparation of ingredients which means the potato aroma and flavour are maintained in the end product.


Ready in just 2 minutes, they are perfect for a quick and easy lunch with melted butter and grated cheese, or served with rich, creative sauces.


Nonno Nanni Potato Gnocchi and Chicche are available in the 500 g self-service pack with inner tray and also at the deli counter. The line includes classic Potato Gnocchi and Chicche, Pumpkin and Spinach Chicche, Homemade Style Gnocchi and the Vegan line which contains no animal-derived ingredients, certified Vegan.


There are two purposes to this restyling: one is to increase brand visibility, making the Nonno Nanni brand stand out more prominently and increasing its distinctive visual profile on the shelf. The other is to make the Gnocchi and Chicche image more uniform and consistent with the range of Nonno Nanni cheeses. To achieve this, the new creativity has focused on incorporating some key brand elements, emphasising the Veneto company's great attention to detail. The top part of the pack bears the tomato and salad leaf pair which, besides being the distinctive brand image from the start, identifies with the freshness of Nonno Nanni products. In the centre of the packaging, a large clear window with an unusual curved shape allows the product inside to be seen.


Added to this are novel elements designed to give the brand more visual impact on the shelves. Glossy gold finish adds elegance and light, and communicates the brand's trademark high quality. This guarantee is emphasised on the right hand side of the packaging, where a storytelling panel describes the Nonno Nanni brand's roots and artisan tradition.


This blend of brand enhancement and innovation is combined with simple but premium standard design, perfectly coherent with Nonno Nanni brand positioning. White Red & Green of Verona is the agency responsible for the Nonno Nanni Potato Gnocchi and Chicche graphics restyling.


Potato Gnocchi

Nonno Nanni Potato Gnocchi have been created for those who love traditional flavours from the past.