Our attention to the customer is expressed in good quality, tasty products and reliable services. The quality of our products is recognized not only by our customers but also by national and international awards and certifications.

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The New Nonno Nanni Organic LINE Elected Product of the Year 2018

The new Nonno Nanni Organic Fresh Cheese Line, consisting of Organic Stracchino, Organic Robiola and Organic Fresco Spalmabile, won the important Product of the Year 2018 award, the most important award for innovation based exclusively on consumer voting in the Organic Fresh Cheeses category.

Now in its 13th year, the Product of the Year award selects Italian companies who demonstrate an outstanding ability to predict, encourage and satisfy consumer expectations, by investing in innovation.

World Cheese Awards 2017

Nonno Nanni  has been named a winner in the most important competition for the world's cheese industry, the World Cheese Awards. Latteria Montello S.p.A., producers of fresh cheeses for over seventy years, was awarded a gold medal and a silver medal for the exceptional qualities of two products, Nonno Nanni Robiola, which won gold and Nonno Nanni Caprino, which took silver in the “Fresh/cream cheese cow’s milk plain” category.

International Cheese Awards 2017

Nonno Nanni Caprino won a prize at the 2017 International Cheese Awards, one of the longest standing and most important events in the world of cheese, held in Nantwich, in the UK. Nonno Nanni Caprino was described as “very highly commended” in the "Soft, semi soft or cream cheese without additive" category.

Nonno Nanni wins Gold Stars at the Great Taste Awards 2017

This year, the jury selected two cheeses from the Veneto based firm of Nonno Nanni for awards: Robiola and Lactose-Free Fresco Spalmabile. Both products received a prestigious Gold Star. Justifying their choice, the jury wrote that they particularly appreciated the Robiola's creamy softness and its sweet but balanced flavour. The Lactose-Free Fresco Spalmabile stood out for its rich, profound notes and intense milky flavour which made it a valid alternative for anybody with lactose intolerance who does not want to renounce the taste of milk.

Only products scoring at least 80 points out of 100 are awarded this prestigious recognition. The entries were assessed by a jury of personalities from the food&beverage sector, including journalists and critics, chefs, restaurant owners, producers and buyers. No account was taken of any aspect other than flavour.

Cheese and Food Awards 2017

This award ceremony took place on Wednesday 12 April, during the first day of Cibus Connect, the exhibition dedicated to the world of food and held in Parma from 12 to 13 April. Now in their eighth edition, the awards were promoted by the specialist magazine "Formaggi & Consumi", published by Tespi Mediagroup, and assigned by buyers from the mass retail sector to dairy and cheese producers who excelled in the conception and development of products and marketing ideas in 2016. The winners were selected by a jury of buyers from various areas, employed by leading names in mass retail and distribution, representatives of the traditional retail sector and other sector operators.


Silvia Lazzarin explains: "We are particularly proud of this recognition as it highlights the efficiency and reliability of our logistic service, which plays a fundamental role in guaranteeing our customers agreed delivery times and offering consumers the quality and freshness we promise them. After all, our customers and consumers come first. With this in mind, I would like to dedicate this award to all the people who work so hard every day to ensure prompt, precise and dependable customer service".

Formaggi & Consumi Awards 2016

Nonno Nanni picked up two separate awards at the seventh edition of Formaggi & Consumi, the Italian retail sector's most important awards: “Best new media campaign”, for the digital campaign promoting Nonno Nanni Spreadable Fresh Cheese and “Best Logistics”, for the efficiency and regularity of the Latteria Montello delivery service.


The Ernst & Young Special Award - Entrepreneur of 2016 has been awarded to Luigi Lazzarin, Honorary Chairman of Nonno Nanni, who has led the company from the start. This prestigious recognition, now in its XXth edition in Italy, is dedicated to entrepreneurs who, for at least three years, have led a firm with annual sales of 25 million euro or more. The official motivation reads: “The EY Special Award - Entrepreneur of 2016 goes to Luigi Lazzarin, Chairman of Latteria Montello S.p.A., for its Nonno Nanni brand. In a country like Italy, where SMEs are the salt of the earth, where they often work in value chains focused on sustainability, this year EY has decided to recognise a reality that embodies all these aspects, considering the important results achieved and recent events in several of our most important territories.” 


The list of Italian Excellence compiled by the ICM Advisors Observatory includes Nonno Nanni, which received prestigious recognition for the «Profitability of the branded business» at the event entitled «Save the Brand - Fashion, Food, Furniture 2016». Presentation of research entitled “Fashion, Food, Furniture Brands - Brand value of the 3F firms” is central to this initiative, which was launched in 2014 by Legalcommunity in collaboration with ICM Research. Among the more than one thousand firms analysed, about 30% were found to be excellent, having outperformed the average for their sectors. Out of these, 50 firms - including Nonno Nanni - stood out in this research for their particularly careful asset and brand marketing. 


This year, Nonno Nanni was recognised with the «Captains of 2016» Award for the excellent quality of its products and strong ties to its local territory. Luigi Lazzarin, Honorary Chairman of Nonno Nanni, accepted the award in Parma. The Captains of the Year Award was devised 21 years ago by Fabio Raffaelli, journalist and publisher, with a view to spotlighting the many dynamic, entrepreneurial business in Italy. Over two decades and seventeen editions, almost 200 national-level entrepreneurs have been recognised.

World Cheese Awards 2016

Nonno Nanni was awarded four medallions at the World Cheese Awards 2016, the world’s most famous event dedicated to the cheese sector. Four products received the awards from the jury within the “Fresh/cream cheese cow’s milk plain” category: Nonno Nanni cow’s milk Caprino won a gold medal and Nonno Nanni cow's milk Caprino without lactose won a silver medal; in addition, the Robiola without lactose and the Fresh spreadable without lactose both won silver medals.

Product of the Year 2016

The Nonno Nanni Lactose Free Line has been awarded Product of the Year 2016, the most important award for innovation, based on consumer voting. 12,000 consumers vote for the Product of the Year based on innovation and satisfaction.

Food Award – First place

Nonno Nanni Lactose Free Robiola received the Food Award in the 'Cheese' category. Established by the food magazine of the same name, the award considered 207 competing new products, manufactured by 115 major and small Italian food companies, subdivided into 17 categories, for a grand total of 809 EAN codes.

International Cheese Awards 2016

Nonno Nanni lactose free Spreadable Fresh Cheese won two medals at the International Cheese Awards, one of the longest standing and most important events in the world of cheese, held this week in Nantwich, UK. The two prestigious prizes were a silver in the “Cheese spread” category and a bronze in the “Soft, semi soft cream cheese” category. Some 5000 products from 27 different countries were entered in the competition.

Product of the Year 2015

Il Fresco Spalmabile Nonno Nanni has been elected Product of the Year 2015 in Italy in “diary products” category! Winners are selected via market research involving more than 12,000 consumers (aged between 15 and 65 years old), called upon to vote online their preferred products, divided into product categories. The elected winner in each category is the product with the highest median vote across the two main parameters of innovation and consumer satisfaction.

Formaggi&Consumi Award 2015

Durante la sesta edizione dei Formaggi&Consumi Awards, organizzati dalle riviste del Gruppo editoriale Tespi Mediagroup dedicate al food, Nonno Nanni si è aggiudicato il riconoscimento come "Miglior campagna stampa trade" con la campagna adv del nuovo Fresco Spalmabile Nonno Nanni.

Premio Food 2014 – Second Place

Fresco Spalmabile Nonno Nanni came second in the Premio Food cheese category 2014, established for the first time this year by the special magazine with aim of promoting those new products introduced to the market in the past two years. The competition's judges scrutinised the no fewer than 171 new products, produced by 86 Italian food companies, both large and small.

Brands Award 2015

Nonno Nanni Fresco Spalmabile won third prize in the Fresh Foods category at Brands Award 2015, the award dedicated to the best consumer products promoted by GdoWeek and Mark Up, and staged in collaboration with IRI, Toluna and Blogmeter. It is the only initiative to reward the best annual brand performance for mass retail goods via verifiable objective criteria involving sales data, end consumers, the judgement of mass retail distribution managers and performance on Social Media.

International Cheese Awards 2014 and 2015

The International Cheese Awards, established in 1897, are held every year in Nantwich, England. They are the most important event in the UK and one of the most important events in the world. Nonno Nanni Robiola has taken the gold medal in the “Soft & Cream Cheese” category for two consecutive years, among more than 4600 competing cheeses from around the world.

World Cheese Awards 2014

The World Cheese Awards has over twenty years bought together buyers and sellers from dairy industries all over the world. It is the largest and most prestigious competition worldwide on the subject of cheese. The Robiola Nonno Nanni won the silver medal in its category amongst more than 3000 cheeses from 33 countries. These were evaluated by more than 250 expert judges from all over the world, from Australia to the United States, from South Africa to Northern Europe.

South West Awards – Silver Medal

The South West Awards is also one of considerable significance and it takes place as part of the "Mid Somerset Show," a fair that is held in the region of Somerset, renowned for its tradition in dairy production. Robiola Nonno Nanni came second in the spreadable cheese category. 

Global Cheese Awards – Silver Medal

The Global Cheese Awards is the longest running event in Great Britain dedicated to the dairy industry. Since 2011 the event has also welcomed the best cheeses from around the world. Robiola Nonno Nanni won the silver medal for 2014, one of the most prestigious and internationally recognised awards. 

DM Awards 2014

DM Awards is a competition organized by D.M (Distribuzione Moderna), the online newspaper dedicated to the consumer goods sector to reward the best online marketing and communication initiatives by companies in the categories of industry and distribution. "Nonno Nanni Piccoli chef" won first prize as best App in the Industry category amongst all the other web projects proposed and voted for by readers of the newspaper.

Great Taste Award 2013

Nonno Nanni’s Robiola cheese was awarded one star at the recent “Food Oscars”, namely the Great Taste Awards 2013. Given that all the products entered are all presented anonymously, the judging purely takes into account the flavour and the quality of the ingredients and the products are assessed by a panel of more than 400 judges which include chefs, food critics and journalists, restaurateurs and buyers.

Taste of the year 2012

The unique and exclusive quality brand awarded directly by consumers as a result of tasting events to guarantee the anonymity of the product being tasted.
Consumers decreed that Nonno Nanni is "Taste of the year" 2012
Latteria Montello won, among its competitors, the exclusive "Taste of the year 2012" brand among  the whole stracchini and robiole category.

2012: Formaggi & Consumi Awards: Latteria Montello wins the award “Best 2012 POP material”

The promotional material related to the 2011 launch of Nonno Nanni Robiola received the "Best POP material" award during the third edition of Formaggi & Consumi Awards . 

DLG Goldener Preis 2011

DLG is one of Germany’s main food sector companies.
A free and independent company that each year awards European products from all over in the food and drink sector that stand out for their quality.
In 2011, DLG awarded Nonno Nanni Robiola the highest award, the gold medal.

2011: Formaggi & Consumi Awards: Latteria Montello wins the award “Best 2010 TV Commercial”

The Nonno Nanni TV Commercial received the "Best TV Commercial" award during the second edition of Formaggi & Consumi Awards, promoted by trade magazine “Formaggi & Consumi" and assigned by Large Distribution buyers to companies dealing with the dairy sector and which have distinguished themselves for the design and development of business proposals and marketing.