Our attention to the customer is expressed in good quality, tasty products and reliable services. The quality of our products is recognized not only by our customers but also by national and international awards and certifications.

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Occupational Health and Safety Management System.

UNI EN ISO 14001 Certification

Latteria Montello has an ISO 14001 certified environmental system.

SGS Process Control

Control service consisting of continuous monitoring and testing of chemical, physical and bacteriological parameters in all phases of the manufacturing process of soft, fresh, stretched curd cheeses and stretched curd cheeses prepared with cream and ricotta.

CCPB organic certification

The entire production process for Nonno Nanni organic cheeses is rigorously inspected by CCPB, a fully independent certification body and one of the most authoritative on the international market. CCPB is accredited by Italy's Ministry of Agriculture.

CSQA – certified Carbon Footprint

Latteria Montello calculated its CARBON FOOTPRINT, or rather the quantity of greenhouse gases (CO2),primary cause of terrestrial pollution, generated along the manufacturing chain of four cheeses: classic Stracchino,Stracchino con fermento Probiotico (with probiotic ferment), Squaquerello and Robiola. CSQA certified both the calculation of the carbon footprint and the offset process, through the contribution to two environmental sustainability initiatives, one in Italy and one abroad.

IFS certification

IFS, International Food Standard focuses on procedures guaranteeing product safety.

BRC Certification

The standard of BRC FSGS (Global Food Safety Standard), developed by the British Retail Consortium, is a further guarantee on the safety of food products.