• Vegetarian
  • EASY
  • 30 min

Vegetarian Couscous with Nonno Nanni Stracchino with Yogurt

Ingredients for 2 persons

100 g couscous
black olives
Nonno Nanni Stracchino with Yogurt

A fresh, soft cheese with a unique flavour


Wash the carrots and courgettes, peel the carrots.
Dice the carrots and courgettes and cook in a frying pan with a little oil for about 10 minutes, making sure they are still crunchy.

Heat water for the couscous and cook according to the package directions. Usually the couscous soaks in double the volume of water and a drizzle of oil for 5 minutes.

The couscous grains will absorb all the water and be ready to be dressed.

Add the cooked vegetables, corn, olives and stracchino with yogurt to the couscous, refrigerate for about 1 hour before serving this vegetarian couscous salad!


with probiotic yogurt culture

A fresh, soft cheese with a unique flavour

Recipe devised by food blogger

Valeria Fragnelli

Dolce e Salato DOP

A graduate in mathematics and lover of NATURAL, ORGANIC, ZERO-KILOMETRE AND DOC PRODUCTS who is trying to transform her passion into work.