We respect traditions and take the utmost care in every aspect of production. We employ modern technologies and equipment to produce fresh, delicious cheeses with the artisan quality of the past.

The artisan quality of the past


Latteria Montello is a modern company, leader in the premium quality segment of the stracchino cheese market in Italy. The company relies on technologically advanced plants and high production capacity, employing highly qualified staff and following certified quality manufacturing processes. Over the years, the company has been expanding its efficient distribution network to deliver Nonno Nanni fresh products to every corner of the country.

Our factory


We constantly carry out thorough quality checks on the entire milk production process, from the barn to the plant, to the product is ready to be shipped to retailers.


We carry out constant inspections on all the chemical, physical and bacteriological characteristics of our products to ensure their unique taste and quality.


All our products are processed in optimal, controlled conditions that allow probiotics to reach extremely high concentrations, up to 2 billion/gram


Our plants are equipped with cutting-edge technology that work in synch with natural processing, and our continuous coagulation plant is one of the largest in Europe.


Our products are packaged by hand to the highest standards of hygiene, while flow pack and tray packaging are processed automatically.


Nonno Nanni’s extensive national and international distribution service ensures the efficient delivery of the freshest products.

The sculpture

The sculpture outside Nonno Nanni’s Giavera del Montello plant was an idea of Bruno Lazzarin, who loved looking out of his office onto the garden below and the large oak tree that had grown alongside the dairy.

As a symbol of the company, the tree could live for centuries but would eventually die, so Bruno suggested erecting a stone memorial that would celebrate the work of the Lazzarin Family in the dairy industry.

In spring 2012, white Cansiglio stone was purchased to commission a sculpture symbolising the idea of milk in constant evolution, as a falling drop that rises up again.

The memorial was placed next to the large oak tree to celebrate the people who believed and still believe in Nonno Nanni.