A selection of delicious recipes for celebrating Easter with the people you love.

Una tavola da condividere

In Italy, Easter Sunday is traditionally a day spent with the family and the people who are dearest to you.  Grown-ups and children alike look forward to this special day, with its simple pleasures: the mild spring weather, chocolate eggs opened and shared with others and, of course, a mouth-watering Easter lunch. 

Seasonal flavours provide the inspiration for the Easter menu, and all you need is an extra touch of creativity to astonish your guests and delight their palates.  So here are a few ideas for setting the perfect table for your Easter lunch with all the goodness and flavour of Nonno Nanni cheeses.

Second courses
Vegetarian rolls with Nonno Nanni Stracchino Probiotico

Forest fruit cups with Colomba cake and Nonno Nanni Fresco Spalmabile

First courses

Gnocchi stuffed with Stracchino with asparagus, peas and leeks and creamed Nonno Nanni Robiola