• Desserts
  • 120 min

Cheesecake with ‪Fresco Spalmabile‬, Vanilla and Chocolate

Ingredients for 8 persons

150 g 70% dark chocolate
400 g granulated sugar
250 ml whole milk
250 g high-quality butter
100 g “00” flour
100 g self-rising flour
100 g unsweetened cocoa

600 ml cream
150 g ricotta
200 g Nonno Nanni Fresco Spalmabile
150 g sugar
2 packets vanilla (or half a pod)
120 g butter
4 gelatin sheets


Nonno Nanni Fresco Spalmabile is a fresh, soft and spreadable cheese, with a lively but delicate flavour.


We were looking for a light yet tasty version of a crust and "hat" for our cheesecake and we found the perfect one on the Clara Pasticcia's blog with her Fondente al cioccolato (senza uova).

Begin by combining the butter, chocolate, sugar and milk in a pot to melt on low. Let cool for about 10 minutes.
After turning on the oven and setting it to 160°C, begin preparing the dough.
Sift the flour and cocoa together and pour these quickly into a bowl containing the previously melted and cooled ingredients. Whisk together by hand or with an electric beater, it makes no difference (we used a mixer)

Pour the mixture into a cake pan and bake for about 45 minutes (the blog emphatically suggests the toothpick test and we did just that).
Wait until the crust has cooled completely before removing it from the pan, then calmly and patiently cut it horizontally. (One part will be used on the bottom and the other as a "hat")

Make the cheesecake cream by mixing the ricotta with the Nonno Nanni Fresco Spalmabile, sugar and vanilla.
Soak the gelatin sheets in cold water while warming the cream in a pot on the stove.
Take the gelatin out of the water after about 10 minutes and, after squeezing it well, add the gelatin to the cream that has been brought to a boil; stir until completely dissolved.

Once the cream has cooled add it to the Nonno Nanni Fresco Spalmabile mixture and combine carefully.
Take the cake pan with the chocolate crust and carefully pour the cream on top, spreading it out evenly. Then rest the "hat" gently on top.

Freeze for about an hour and then keep in the refrigerator.



Fresco Spalmabile

Nonno Nanni Fresco Spalmabile is a fresh, soft and spreadable cheese, with a lively but delicate flavour.