Our values are at the heart of a tradition we’ve been passing down through generations.

We use leading edge processes and technology, whilst keeping the artisan quality of bygone days and offering good, richly flavoured products.

Family Tradition

Since 1947, we’ve been a family bound by love for good food.

Practising our grandfather’s age-old art

has been our promise to him and our family tradition for the past 70 years.


A small dairy workshop, wood-burning stoves and tons of passion.

That’s how it all began. Seventy years ago, Giovanni Lazzarin, better known as Nanni, made a success story of his passion and dedication to cheese-making art which eventually evolved into the line of fresh cheeses known today as Nonno Nanni.

Today, Nonno Nanni’s children and grandchildren continue the family tradition with the same commitment and the same age-old art. The business has grown into a modern company known for its quality products and leading edge technology, but the love for the cheese-making tradition that Nonno Nanni passed down to the family is still very much alive.


Today, Nonno Nanni products are still made according to the values of bygone days, putting at the centre of the company its people and following in the steps of Grandfather Nanni’s original recipe.

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Artisan Know-How

Nonno Nanni’s cheeses are unique because they are produced according to the ways of the past, able to combine the traditional cheese-making skills of the past with the most advanced processing techniques of today.

Nonno Nanni’s strength lies in the experience of its people. The cheese-maker personally follows the planning and development of cheese production, adapting it based on climate and seasonal conditions.

A production that represents the perfect harmony of skilled craftsmanship and advanced technology, made of productive ability and respect for the authenticity of flavours.

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With the quality of bygone days, today’s love for excellence and cutting-edge technology, we manufacture unique, tasty and genuine products. 

Nonno Nanni fresh cheeses are renowned for their taste and are the product of meticulous attention to every stage of processing. The company carefully chooses the raw ingredients and over the years has established close relationships based on trust with farmers in the area.

The strict testing carried out on milk in certified laboratories by company trained technicians is followed by the pasteurisation process and the use of accurately selected starter cultures, which in Stracchino cheese number over 2 billion per gram. Processing follows traditional methods, supervised by the master cheesemaker, who plans and develops production, adapting it to the seasons and respecting natural ageing time whilst working with technologically advanced equipment. The result is artisan quality that ensures the goodness of products and their distinct taste. 

The finished product undergoes over 60,000 strict quality and safety inspections a year, to ensure uniquely delicious fresh and genuine cheeses.

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Our cheese is a “living” product.

Made with patience and expertise, we always deliver our cheeses to your table at the peak of freshness, the way you like it.

Nonno Nanni fresh cheeses are made with carefully selected milk and raw ingredients of the highest quality, subject to several quality inspections at every stage of the manufacturing process.

“We carefully check every stage of the entire production process, from the collection of milk to the distribution of our finished products, which ensures a punctual, efficient service. And it’s the latter that, under direct company control, ensures that only our freshest, best tasting products reach our customers”.

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Love of Nature

We love our land, we respect nature, its elements and its rhythms, because quality requires constant attention.

The main ingredient of all Nonno Nanni products is quality, which also means sustainable development. because a product is “good” not just when it’s tasty and genuine, but also when it’s safely processed, respecting the environment, landscapes and animals.

Indeed, Nonno Nanni is not only passionate about producing quality cheeses, it also wants to spread the core values of its company mission, paying attention to the community in which it works, committing to spreading among the younger generations a philosophy of proper nutrition and protection of the environment.

By promoting respect for the land through activities of environmental sustainability, the company expresses its responsible and innovative vision.

“Each day, we work to protect the environment, because the future of each of us is also in our hands. We have built strong relationships with our farmers and offer them veterinarian services and specialised technicians to help them ensure the proper management , welfare and quality of life of their livestock.”

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Communicating with Customers

Every day, we try to meet the demands of our customers, by answering their requests for information through our customer service. 

Listening to what our customers have to say on our products is essential for us to constantly improve our work, and we welcome suggestions, comments and ideas from our customers.

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Social commitment

For many years Latteria Montello has been funding several projects run by the Foundation for Cystic Fibrosis Research. 

Fondazione Ricerca Fibrosi Cistica – Onlus

Latteria Montello is a member of the A.F.M.U.- FIADDA, a non-profit organisation that represents the rights of Italian families regarding the protection of persons with impaired hearing.

Latteria Montello supports the “I Bambini delle Fate” Foundation, which is dedicated to projects aimed at children with disabilities.

By means of product donations and the redistribution of surplus food Latteria Montello supports the “Amici della Solidarietà” Voluntary Association which is dedicated to helping local communities most in need.