• Desserts
  • EASY
  • 20 min

Puffed rice cakes and Nonno Nanni Ricotta

Ingredients for 6 persons

250 g of Nonno Nanni Ricotta
3 tablespoons of rum
20 g of icing sugar + more for decoration
10 g of potato starch
150 g of chocolate puffed rice
250 g of chocolate


Sift Nonno Nanni Ricotta, gather it in a bowl and gradually add rum, sugar and starch. Mix it well together.
Moisten hands and make ricotta balls, all roughly the same size.
Pour puffed rice onto a large plate and roll balls, squeeze a little bit with your fingers  to allow rice to stick well. Sprinkle lightly with powdered sugar.
Serve together with a little bowl in which you previously diluted chocolate with boiling water.